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QB – Fran Tarkenton

RB – Chuck Foreman

C – Mick Tinglehoff

G – Randall McDaniel

G – Ed White

T – Ron Yary

T – Grady Alderman

TE – Steve Jordan

WR – Cris Carter

WR – Anthony Carter

WR – Randy Moss

K – Fred Cox



MLB – Jeff Siemon

OLB – Matt Blair

OLB – Roy Winston

E – Carl Eller

E – Jim Marshall

T – Alan Page

T – John Randle

CB – Bobby Bryant

CB – Carl Lee

S – Paul Krause

S – Joey Browner

P – Greg Coleman



QB – Tommy Kramer

RB – Adrian Peterson

RB – Bill Brown

C – Matt Birk

G – Milt Sunde

G – David Dixon

T – Tim Irwin

T – Gary Zimmerman

TE – Stu Voight

WR – Sammy White

WR – Ahmad Rashad

K – Ryan Longwell



MLB – Scott Studwell

OLB – Wally Hilgenberg

OLB – Ed McDaniel

E – Chris Doleman

E – Jared Allen

T – Gary Larsen

T – Kevin Williams

CB – Antoine Winfield

CB – Ed Sharockman

S – Karl Kassulke

S – Harrison Smith

P – Chris Kluwe



QB – Joe Kapp

RB – Dave Osborn

RB – Robert Smith

C – Jeff Christy

G – Steve Hutchinson

G – Charles Goodrum

T – Steve Riley

T – Todd Steussie

TE – Kyle Rudolph

WR – John Gilliam

WR – Gene Washington

K – Fuad Reveiz


MLB – Lonnie Warwick

OLB – Fred McNeil

OLB – Chad Greenway

E – Doug Martin

E – Everson Griffen

T – Henry Thomas

T – Keith Millard

CB – Nate Wright

CB – Xavier Rhodes

S – Robert Griffith

S – Jeff Wright

P – Mitch Berger

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The best Safeties in Minnesota Vikings history

The best Safeties in Minnesota Vikings history

A safety is the last line of defense; they cover the pass and stop the run. In the years the Minnesota Vikings have had strong defenses, they have had one or two good players at the position. Here are the best eight safeties in franchise history:

10) Kurt Knoff: In four years from 1979-1982 Knoff played in 51 games, starting 43. He intercepted 10 passes, returning one for a touchdown.

9) Darren Sharper: Named to two Pro Bowls in his four years with the team from 2005-2008, Sharper started all 62 games he played in. He picked off 18 balls, returning 3 for scores, broke up 38 passes, recovered three fumbles, and forced two.

8) Tommy Hannon: A hard hitter who played in 117 games and started 103 in his eight year career from 1977-1984, Hannon ranks tenth in team history with 11 fumble recoveries. He also intercepted 15 passes and returned one for a touchdown.

7) Orlando Thomas:
Fourth in team history with 65 passes defensed, in his seven year Viking career Thomas intercepted 22 passes, returning two for touchdowns. He also forced six fumbles and recovered 10 while playing in 98 games, starting 87, from 1995-2001.

6) Jeff Wright:
Wright was a solid player and part of the team's top defenses during a seven year career from 1971-1977, playing in 83 games and starting 54. He intercepted 12 passes and recovered 9 fumbles.

5) Robert Griffith:
Named to one Pro Bowl in his eight years with the team from 1994-2001, Griffith played in 119 games, starting 88 for winning Viking teams in the mid to late 1990's. He picked off 17 passes, forced seven fumbles, recovered two, recorded 7.5 QB sacks, and defensed 56 passes.

4) Harrison Smith: Named to two Pro Bowls in six seasons from 2012-2017, Smith has played in 83 games, starting 82. He has intercepted 17 passes, returning four for touchdowns, knocked down 40 balls, forced three fumbles and recovered four, and has recorded 9 QB sacks, which is second among Viking defensive backs.

3) Karl Kassulke: A key player on the team's outstanding defenses in the late '60's and early '70's, Kassulke played in 131 games at safety from 1963-1972, starting 121, intercepting 19 passes. Selected to one Pro Bowl, he had 9 fumble recoveries and his 8 sacks are second among defensive backs.

2) Joey Browner: Selected to the Pro Bowl as a safety six times in his nine seasons from 1983-1991, Browner played in 145 games, starting 117. He is fifth in forced fumbles with 18, fifth in fumble recoveries with 17, fourth in interceptions with 37, and third in passes defensed with 76. He also recorded 9.5 QB sacks, first among Viking defensive backs, and scored 4 touchdowns.

1) Paul Krause: The NFL's record holder for interceptions with 81, Krause is the Vikings leader in that category with 53 picks, returning two of those for touchdowns. He also recovered 11 fumbles, bringing back two for scores, and knocked down 54 passes, ninth in team history. In 12 years with the team from 1968-1979 he played in 172 games, starting 146, and was selected to six Pro Bowls. Krause was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998.

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The best cornerbacks in Minnesota Viking history

The best cornerbacks in Minnesota Viking history

With rules regarding the passing game changing through the years in the NFL, favoring offensive players to a great degree, the position of cornerback may have become the most difficult position to play in pro football. Cornerbacks have to cover wide receivers, who are often the best athletes on the field. They also have to be sure tacklers. The Vikings have had some good corners who were important parts of dominant defenses; here are the top ten in franchise history.

10) Cedric Griffin: In six years from 2006-2011 Griffin played in 80 games, starting 70, and intercepted eight passes. He knocked down 50 balls, forced 14 fumbles, and recovered 3.
9) Willie Teal: Teal played in 80 games and started 61 in seven years with Minnesota from 1980-1986. He intercepted 15 passes, returning one for a touchdown, and recovered 5 fumbles.

8) Earsell Mackbee: In five seasons with the Vikings from 1965-1969 Mackbee played in 66 games, starting 56, including the team's dominant 1969 season. He picked off 15 passes, taking one back for a touchdown, and recovered 4 fumbles.

7) Audray McMillian: In five years with the team from 1989-1993 McMillian played in 79 games, starting 43, and was selected to one Pro Bowl. He intercepted 19 passes and returned three for scores.

6) Xavier Rhodes: In five seasons from 2013-2017 Rhodes has been named to two Pro Bowls, while playing in 75 games, starting 68. Teams rarely throw in his direction; he has intercepted 9 passes, returning one for a score, has defensed 59 balls, and has forced two fumbles.

5) Nate Wright: A steady cornerback during the mid-1970's when the team led the league each year in many defensive categories, Wright played in 129 games in his ten years with the team from 1971-1980 and ranks fifth in Viking history with 31 interceptions.

4) Ed Sharockman: A consistent defensive back on Minnesota's great defenses of the late '60's and early '70's, Sharockman played in 142 games, starting 121, during his 12 years with Minnesota from 1961-1972. He ranks third with 40 interceptions, returning four for touchdowns, and also recovered 9 fumbles.
3) Antoine Winfield: Selected to three Pro Bowls during his nine years with the Vikings from 2004-2012, he played in 119 games, starting 115. Of Winfield's 21 interceptions two have been returned for touchdowns. He defensed 73 passes, which is fourth in team history, recorded 6.5 QB sacks, forced 11 fumbles and recovered 9, returning two of those for touchdowns as well.

2) Carl Lee: Selected three times to the Pro Bowl, Lee played in 169 games, starting 144, during 11 seasons with the team from 1983-1993. A key player at cornerback on Minnesota's great defenses in the late 1980's, he is the Vikings all-time leader in passes defensed with 128, recovered 6 fumbles, and is sixth with 29 interceptions, two of which he returned for touchdowns.

1) Bobby Bryant: A playmaker at cornerback, Bryant was selected to two Pro Bowls in 13 seasons, playing in 161 games and starting 121 from 1968-1980. He is second in team history with 51 interceptions and second in passes defensed with 77. He also recovered 14 fumbles and scored four touchdowns, in addition to coming up with a number of big plays in playoff games during the 1970's.

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The best linebackers in Minnesota Vikings history

The best linebackers in Minnesota Vikings history

The Vikings have had some outstanding linebackers who played important roles in the team's dominant defenses through the years; here are the eleven best.

11) Mike Merriweather: Starting each of the 63 games he appeared in from 1989-92, Merriweather registered 10 sacks and intercepted 7 passes, returning two for touchdowns. He also recovered 7 fumbles, taking one back for a score. Remembered for blocking a punt in an overtime game against the Rams that bounced out of the end zone for a safety, winning the game for the Vikes.

10) Jack Del Rio: Selected to one Pro Bowl in four seasons, Del Rio started all 57 games he played in from 1992-95. He intercepted 10 passes, returning one for a touchdown; recorded 7.5 QB sacks; forced three fumbles, and recovered five.

9) Chad Greenway:
A two time Pro Bowl selection, Greenway played in 156 games, starting 144, in a ten year career with Minnesota from 2007-2016. He recorded 18 quarterback sacks, forced 8 fumbles and recovered 11, and intercepted 11 passes, returning two for touchdowns.

8) Lonnie Warwick: Warwick played in 92 games and started 75 from 1965-1972. The middle linebacker in a defense that dominated opponents, he intercepted 12 passes, recorded 7.5 sacks and recovered 6 fumbles in his eight year career with the Vikes.

7) Fred McNeil: Playing in 167 games and starting 122 at outside linebacker during his 12 years with the team from 1974-1985, McNeil recovered 16 fumbles, intercepted 7 passes, and recorded 13 quarterback sacks.

6) Ed McDaniel: The team leader in tackles for loss with 90.5, he ranks second among Viking linebackers with 20.5 sacks. McDaniel is also sixth on the team with 17 forced fumbles. He has 5 fumble recoveries, intercepted 4 passes and was named to the Pro Bowl once during his nine seasons and 125 games, 109 starts, from 1992-2001 with the Vikings.

5) Wally Hilgenberg: A tough outside linebacker on the Vikings' great defenses of the late 60's and throughout the 70's, Hilgenberg played in 158 games, starting 118, in 12 seasons from 1968-1979. He recovered 13 fumbles, recorded 8 sacks, picked off 8 passes and scored two touchdowns.

4) Roy Winston: In 15 seasons from 1962-1976 Winston played in 191 games, starting 158 at outside linebacker on dominant Viking defenses in the late '60's and early '70's. A playmaker, he had 16 sacks and 14 fumble recoveries, third and fourth among linebackers, and 12 interceptions, second among linebackers, and scored 3 touchdowns. He also is fifth all-time with 68 tackles-for-loss.

3) Scott Studwell: Fifth in team history with 201 games played, Studwell started 161 at middle linebacker and was selected to the Pro Bowl twice in his 14 year career from 1977-1990. He forced 12 fumbles, recovered 15, intercepted 11 passes, and had 9 QB sacks. He ranks ninth with 46 tackles-for-loss.

2) Jeff Siemon: A key player as the middle linebacker on the team's top defenses in the mid-1970's, Siemon played in 156 games, starting 123, and was selected to four Pro Bowls during his eleven year career with the Vikings from 1972-1982. He is ninth in team history with 14 forced fumbles; he recovered 11, had 6 QB sacks, and 11 interceptions.

1) Matt Blair: Selected to six Pro Bowls in his 12 seasons from 1974-1985, Blair played in 160 games, starting 130. He is first among Minnesota linebackers, and fourth and third in team history, with 19 forced fumbles and 20 fumble recoveries. He is also tenth on the team in tackles-for-loss with 44. His 23 sacks and 16 interceptions are first among Vikings linebackers. He also blocked 20 kicks in his career. Blair is the best linebacker in Minnesota's history.

The Best Defensive Ends in Minnesota Vikings history

The best defensive ends in Minnesota Vikings history

NFL defensive ends have varied responsibilities on the field; they have to contain runners with the ball to the inside - no one should get to their outside. They must be able to shed blockers to get to the ball and make tackles behind the line, as well as shut down screen passes. Most importantly they have to pressure quarterbacks on passing plays, either sacking them for a loss or hurrying them into throwing an incompletion or interception.

Some of the Vikings' defensive ends have been the best in NFL history. Here are the top ten:


10) Neil Elshire: From 1981-1986 Elshire appeared in 63 games, starting 27, and registered 19 QB sacks in six seasons, with a high of 9.5 in 1983.

9) Ray Edwards: In five seasons from 2006-2010 Edwards played in 72 games, starting 58, and recorded 29.5 sacks, with 8.5 coming in 2009.

8) Al Noga: Scoring two touchdowns on one interception and three fumble recoveries, Noga had 29.5 QB sacks in five years from 1988-1992, with 11.5 in 1989. He played in 73 games, starting 56.

7) Brian Robison: In eleven seasons from 2007-2017 Robison has played in 173 games, starting 103. He has registered 60 QB sacks, forced 13 fumbles, and recovered 8.

6) Everson Griffen: Named to three Pro Bowls in eight seasons from 2010-2017, Griffen has played in 121 games, starting 63. He has 61 sacks, forced 9 fumbles and recovered 6, returning one for a TD, and also intercepted one pass, running it in for a score.

5) Doug Martin: A former first round pick, Martin started and ended his career with the team on controversial notes, but was a pretty good player on the field in ten seasons from 1980-1989. He played in 126 games, starting 94, and recorded 60.5 sacks and 7 fumble recoveries.

4) Jared Allen:
Named to the Pro Bowl four times in his six years with the team from 2008-2013, Allen's 88.5 sacks place him sixth in team history. He also intercepted 4 passes, forced 16 fumbles, recovered 9, and registered 4 safeties while starting all 96 games he appeared in at right end.

3) Chris Doleman: A six time Pro Bowl selection, Doleman played in 154 games, starting 142, in 10 seasons with the Vikings from 1985-1993 and 1999. He leads the team with 33 forced fumbles, is fifth in sacks with 96.5, sixth in fumble recoveries with 16, and seventh in tackles-for-loss with 60. He also intercepted five passes, scored two touchdowns, and recorded two safeties.

2) Jim Marshall: Starting all 270 games in which he played as a Viking at right defensive end from 1961-1979, Marshall is second in team history with 127 QB sacks, first with 29 fumble recoveries, and fourth in tackle-for-loss with 74. A two time Pro Bowl selection, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

1) Carl Eller: The team's all-time leader in QB sacks with 130, Eller was selected to six Pro Bowls. He ranks second in tackles-for-loss with 87, second in fumble recoveries with 23, and seventh in forced fumbles with 15. He also blocked 15 kicks. Eller played in 209 games, fourth in team history, and started 201 from 1964-1978. He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2004, an honor that was long overdue. Eller is the best defensive end in Vikings' history as well as one of the NFL's all-time bests.



The best defensive tackles in Minnesota Vikings history

The best defensive tackles in Minnesota Vikings history

A defensive tackle in pro football may be called upon to fill several different roles, including holding the point of attack and stopping the run, or penetrating a certain gap between offensive linemen to break up a play in the opponent's backfield. A defensive tackle is an important pass rusher as well, since inside pressure may help to free the defensive ends or blitzing linebackers in their pass rush.

The Vikings have had a number of outstanding tackles during their seasons when they fielded dominant defenses. Here are the top ten at the position in franchise history:

10) Paul Dickson: In ten years with the Vikings from 1961-1970 Dickson played in 129 games, starting 81. He registered 29 QB sacks and recovered three fumbles.

9) Pat Williams: Named to three Pro Bowls in six years with Minnesota from 2005-2010, Williams started all 93 games he played in, forcing five fumbles, recovering four, with 7.5 sacks.

8) Linval Joseph: Starting all 60 games he has played in during four seasons, Joseph has recorded 11 sacks, forced four fumbles and recovered one, and has been named to one Pro Bowl.

7) Doug Sutherland: Sutherland played in 138 games during his 10 years with the Vikings, starting 90. He plugged the middle of the defensive line at left tackle during the mid 1970's when the team had highly rated defenses.

6) Keith Millard: Selected All-Pro and to the Pro Bowl twice, Millard was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1989 when he recorded 18 sacks. Millard was a key piece of the team's outstanding defenses in the late '80's, appearing in 75 games during his six years with the Vikes.

5) Henry Thomas: Selected to two Pro Bowls while appearing in 118 games and starting 117 in eight seasons, Thomas ranks sixth in tackles-for-loss with 62. He is eleventh with 56 sacks, forced 12 fumbles, and recovered 8, returning two for touchdowns. He also had two interceptions and notched a safety.

4) Kevin Williams:
A six time Pro Bowl selection, Williams started all 171 games he appeared in during 11 seasons with the Vikings. He ranks eighth with 60 QB sacks, knocked down 66 passes, forced 8 fumbles, and recovered 13, returning two for touchdowns. Williams also intercepted 5 passes, bring back two for scores.

3) Gary Larsen: A member of one of the best front fours in NFL history, Larsen was a crucial part of the team’s dominant defenses in the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s. He played in 135 games, starting 107, in 10 seasons for the Vikings. He recorded 37 sacks, recovered 10 fumbles, and was named to two Pro Bowls.

2) John Randle: A standout defensive tackle who played in 176 games and started 150, Randle was named to six Pro Bowls in his 11 seasons with the Vikings. He recovered 9 fumbles, ranks third in forced fumbles with 25, and is third in QB sacks with 114. He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2010.

1) Alan Page: A defensive tackle who changed the game in the late 1960's and early 1970's, Page was named the NFL Most Valuable Player in 1971. Selected to the Pro Bowl nine times in his 12 years with the Vikings, he played in 160 games and started 157. He is fourth in team history with 108.5 sacks, fourth with 18 fumble recoveries, third with 77 tackles-for-loss, and second with 28 forced fumbles. Page was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1988.

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The best offensive tackles in Minnesota Vikings history

The best offensive tackles in Minnesota Vikings history

The Vikings have had some pretty good blockers manning the offensive tackle position through the years. Here is a look at the top players in team history at the position:

5) Steve Riley - A first round pick in 1974, Riley started 121 games at left tackle during his 11 year career, protecting the blind side of quarterbacks Fran Tarkenton and Tommy Kramer.

4) Gary Zimmerman - Named to three Pro Bowls in his seven years with the Vikings Zimmerman held down left tackle for 108 consecutive games during the late '80's and early 90's.

3) Tim Irwin - During his 13 years with the team he played in 188 games, starting 181 at right tackle. Standing at 6-7, he also blocked a few extra points and field goals while on the special teams unit.

2) Grady Alderman - Holding down left tackle on offense for 13 years - 1961-1973 - Alderman played in 193 games, starting 174, and was selected to the Pro Bowl six times.

1) Ron Yary - Selected to the Pro Bowl seven times in his 14 years with the Vikings, Yary played in 199 games and started 180 at right offensive tackle. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001.