Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creepy employers who ask you to donate to their charity

I once worked at a community college in New Jersey where a creepy, high level Dean went around asking staff members to fill out a form and donate money to some social/political charity. I don't remember the name of the organization.  What's the point of pressuring employees to contribute to a certain charity? Just so you can brag to the world what a great boss that you are, that you got 100 percent participation of workers to contribute to a charity of your own personal or political liking? That's wrong. I told the Dean no, I have my own charities that I contribute to, and walked away. He left the office grumbling. I would think a high level Dean would have better things to do, like maybe helping students in some way. 

What employees do with their money is their own business. Why not offer to match whatever employees contribute? I would guess a lot of bosses are too cheap to do that. 

What's almost as bad is when your boss sends his kids to you to ask for money, for a fundraiser for their school or church. Come on. That's rude.  And unprofessional.

Keep the job separate from this type of stuff.  Please.

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