Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Online Dating Sites: what girls need to know

As a guy who has been trying to meet women through all the various dating sites that exist - and there are many - a few things have caught my attention about some girls and their online profiles.

Sometimes when I click the “who’s viewed me” link on a site it displays a profile without a picture. Think about it, why would I write to someone who didn’t post a photograph - other than to ask them to add a picture to their profile. If I wanted to go on a blind date (which I don’t) I wouldn’t be on a dating site to begin with. If you want to meet someone, put your picture online. Your friends and co-workers already know that you’re single so what difference does it make if they see your picture? Plus, they probably won’t - you have to register with a site and create your own profile to search through a site, and let’s be real - most married people aren’t going to waste their time with it. They’re just glad that they aren’t single like you. Unless they want to cheat on their significant other, which is another story altogether.

Try to follow some the basics for photos…don’t post blurry pictures, tiny pictures that are hard to see, shots where you’ve cut out your ex-boyfriend, or pictures taken in a mirror. These don’t help your cause. Also, don’t post any photos of landscapes, ocean waves, or European ruins unless you are in them. If I wanted to admire the earth or artwork I wouldn’t be looking at an online dating site.

I don’t really need to see pictures of all of your friends, family, and children, either.  Are you asking these folks if they’re OK with it? And, is it really a good idea to have your kids’ pictures plastered on a website?  One or two shots with friends is OK but there’s no need to post 10 pictures of you drinking with your girlfriends.

Here’s a question for some girls: why do you post a picture where you’re wearing sunglasses? We can’t see your face, obviously. What are you trying to hide? Your eyes can’t be that hideous. Most girls have nice eyes. Show them.

A memo to overweight girls: it’s obvious if you’re just showing your face - if your picture or pictures are just headshots - we know that you’re overweight. You aren’t fooling anyone. A guy who isn’t into bigger women isn’t going to write to you anyway, so you might as well post a photo where we can see all of you.  If you don’t feel good about your weight, try diet and exercise programs. They can work.

Some other musings about profiles, other than pictures…

Question for girls 5’0” tall and under: why are you looking for men that are at least 6 feet tall?  I find this odd. Is 5’11” too short?  Then, some girls who are 5’10” are willing to meet a guy who is an inch or two shorter than they are, at 5-9 or 5-8. Someone explain this to me.

Don’t write your profile in all CAPS. It doesn’t take a long time to tap the shift key.
Don’t write a profile that is almost as long as a short story.  We don’t need to know your entire life story right off the bat.

On the other hand don’t write two sentences, or “e-mail me to find out more.” Put at least a little effort into writing something.

Don’t send winks, smiles, or whatever the site calls them. If you’re interested in my profile write a message and let me know why you’re interested.  And, if you don’t fit what I’m looking for, at least explain why you’re hoping I’m going to overlook it and write back to you.

I’m sure I’m leaving some things out, but there’s always time to write more…

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