Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Consequences minimal for NCAA, Rutgers basketball

Much ado nothing.  Rutgers may have a Division I basketball program, but it was never consistently competitive, with talented players going elsewhere to play ball. So the fallout and blowback to Rutgers and the NCAA is minimal. That's how it is in college sports, where no one in the high levels of the university, like the President is accountable. The folks who claim to have “integrity” in higher education are always the first ones to run and hide when things fall apart. As long as there's an athletic director and a lawyer to take the fall, the college presidents can avoid responsibility like they do for everything else. There's no leadership from the NCAA and college presidents, and all anyone cares about is keeping the money making aspect of college sports intact. Money that the athletes will never see, of course. Yes, many receive scholarships, but their entire college career is really about the sport that they play in, so that free ride to a degree does have a cost.  The college presidents and whoever runs the NCAA? They certainly can't be bothered with minor issues such as the welfare and well-being of the student athletes.

The attention is all focused on Eddie Jordan now, and what he can do turn the basketball program around and recruit talented high school players. Too bad Rutgers didn't hire Jordan instead of Mike Rice the last time around.

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