Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No sympathy for Giants' Will Hill

Safety Will Hill of the NFL's NY (or NJ) Giants was recently suspended for the season's first four games due to a violation of the league's substance abuse policy. Allegedly marijuana was found in Hill's system after a drug test.

While Hill is to be commended for completing a drug rehab program several months ago, I have no sympathy for his reasons for using. I have nothing against people who use marijuana if that's what they want to do, but for Hill to say that he can't deal with situations when he goes to his home neighborhood in East Orange is a bit of a cop-out.  With his talent and money he could build his own life away from the old neighborhood.  Players like Hill have no obligation to act like ATM machines for their friends and family.  If someone wants to help a close family member financially that's one thing, but to feel like you "have" to help everyone you know?  Come on. Grow a spine. You don't owe them anything. Especially if they're leeches.

Forget having an "entourage" and build your own life in a better place, guys.  You're only going to play football for a few years in your career, so make the most of it while you can.

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