Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How come most suspended major league baseball players were Hispanic?

With the exception of Milwaukee Brewer outfielder Ryan Braun, all of the 13 players recently suspended by major league baseball for their alleged use of banned substances, or some alleged connection to the wacky Biogenesis clinic, are of Hispanic descent.

Is there some sort of belief in using performance enhancing drugs among Hispanic baseball players? That doesn't seem possible. Is it because the clinic was in Miami, and more Hispanic players hang out in Miami? Doubtful.

Could be just some sort of coincidence. Maybe these players have too many people giving them bad advice. Agents, lawyers, trainers, coaches, publicists, childhood friends, parents...maybe some of these players need to dump their entourages and start thinking for themselves and making their own decisions, especially when it comes to their careers.

In general I often wonder if people think they're really getting that much of an "edge" by using some kind of performance enhancing drug. Is it really true that it can help you that much as an athlete?

The really talented athletes out there do all on their own, by working out and eating right, and taking care of themselves. Plus they have something in their genes that helps. A baseball player who is a great hitter probably also has fantastic eye sight, like Ted Williams did. All the drugs in the world can't change that. It's just a gift that they were born with.

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