Thursday, October 31, 2013

The most over-rated Minnesota Vikings of all time

Sometimes coaches and general managers draft or trade for players who they think will put their team "over the top" and lead them to a Super Bowl. It doesn't always work out that way though. Here are some of the Vikings who were not worth the high draft pick or the trade that brought them to Minnesota.

10) Warren Moon, QB: Another one of Dennis Green's silly decisions, bringing in a washed up quarterback and the end of his career, in the hopes of catching lightning in a bottle. Didn't work out, as Moon's three years in Minnesota resulted in a big nothing.

9) E.J Henderson, LB: Started a lot of games for the Vikings but never really lived up to the hype that accompanied him coming out of college. Was basically an average linebacker, and never dominated opponents.

8) Randall Cunningham, QB: Only had a great year in 1998 because he was surrounded by other outstanding players on offense, and had coach Brian Billick calling the plays. Choked in the team's NFC championship game, and there's no way he should have been kept on for the 1999 season over QB Brad Johnson.

7) Darrin Nelson, RB: A much heralded first round pick in 1982, Nelson did not become a standout running back the team had envisioned. He never rushed for 1,000 yards in a season and wasn't very explosive, averaging only 8.8 yards per reception, 8.0 yards per punt return, and 22.4 yards on kick returns. The Vikings passed up Hall of Fame running back Marcus Allen to take Nelson. Big mistake.

6) Mark Mullaney, DE: Although he played in 151 games and started 97 in his 12 years with the team, Mullaney didn't seem to learn much from playing behind great ends Carl Eller and Jim Marshall. He never came close to being even an average pass rusher, let alone one that was worth a first round selection. A symbol of the Vikes' mediocrity from 1979 through the mid-1980's.
5) James White, DT: Although a first round draft pick, White didn't exactly turn out to be the next Alan Page. Started 61 games for Bud Grant during his eight years with the team. Not sure why Grant cut Page, thus making White the regular RDT; Bud must have been an optimist. White didn't even make Les Steckel's 1984 mess of team, being waived at the end of training camp.

4) David Palmer, WR: Before the start of each season coach Dennis Green would rave about "his" 1994 second round pick Palmer. What did Palmer produce in his seven year career? A mere 9.9 yard average on punt returns, only 22.6 yards on kickoffs, and no more than 26 receptions in a season, with a career average of 8.6 yards per catch. Whee!

3) Duante Culpepper, QB: Culpepper only had two good years (2000 & 2004) but was still named to many "50 Greatest Vikings of All Time" lists. Why? He was mediocre most of the time and hardly worthy of a first round draft pick. He's just another one of Denny Green's "guys" who never panned out.

2) Bryant McKinnie, OT: Why was this guy named to some Greatest Vikings of All-Time lists? McKinnie was reliable but was never a standout. The team has had other offensive tackles who were much better players.

1) Herschel Walker, RB: Obviously wasn't worth what the Vikings gave up for him. Never even rushed for a thousand yards once in his three years with the team. What a disaster.

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