Monday, November 25, 2013

The Mentalist / Red John storyline disappointing

Well broadcast television disappoints again. All the best shows are still on cable.

After six years of developing the Red John serial killer storyline on The Mentalist, it came to an unsatisfying conclusion. The way the Red John story was built for the first four years of the show was fantastic. Things slipped story-wise in season five and the start of season six, and now that it has supposedly concluded with Patrick Jane killing Red John, I'm feeling let down. Too much of the back story does not make sense at this point. Sherriff McAlister as Red John doesn't fit. The few times we heard the serial killer's voice just doesn't jive with how McAlister was played by Xander Berkeley and how the sheriff’s lines were written. I'm supposed to believe that McAlister changed his voice that much? Nah.

I expected more from the The Mentalists' writers and producers. The idea that law enforcement was somehow involved with Red John is kind of shaky and doesn't add up. A better way to go, after the end of season three, might have been to develop some of the law enforcement characters as possible Red John suspects, but in the end have him not be in law enforcement. The whole "Blake Association" idea doesn't make much sense or add to the story at all.

The Mentalist was pretty good with weekly stories that were wrapped up in an hour. The Red John story left much to be desired.

Ah well. At least Justified and The Americans will be returning in January 2014. On the FX channel - cable TV, of course.

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