Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Let's hope Spielman doesn't give $9 million guaranteed again to any fringe players this off season

With reports the Vikings are releasing tight end John Carlson, let's hope general manager Rick Spielman doesn't make any similar boneheaded moves this offseason.

Carlson is a good tight end, but he certainly wasn't worth the $5 million a year and $9 million guaranteed that Spielman offered him several years ago.  That's the kind of money that you would spend on an impact player, someone who can make a difference.

With a tight end like Kyle Rudolph on the roster the Vikings don't really need a second outstanding player at the position. Guys like Rhett Ellison and Chase Ford ought to be good enough. Of course, it would help if Rudolph stays healthy and plays all 16 games.

The Vikings have a lot of holes in their roster, so I hope Spielman spends money wisely in the upcoming free agency period.  The draft will also hopefully land some impact players that will help the team in 2014, and not take several years to develop.

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