Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The best Centers in Minnesota Vikings history

The importance of the Center in NFL offenses cannot be overlooked. They have to block quick defensive players trying to get to the quarterback on passing plays as well as move big defensive tackles out of the way on running plays. The Vikings have had some steady players at the position in franchise history.

6) John Sullivan: The current Minnesota center has played in 109 and started 93 games to date, in his eight year career.


5) Dennis Swilley: While skipping the 1984 season, Swilley was good enough to play in 139 and start 101 games at center during his ten years, 1977-1987, with the team.


4) Kirk Lowdermilk: Playing in 114 and starting 86 games in eight years from 1985-1992, Lowdermilk manned the position during some outstanding seasons for Vikings’ offenses.


3) Jeff Christy: A former practice squad player, Christy played in 101 started 92 games at center during seven seasons from 1993-1999, and was named to two Pro Bowls.


2) Matt Birk: In his ten year Viking career Birk played in 146 and started 123 games at the pivot from 1998-2008, earning six Pro Bowl nods while snapping the ball at center.


1) Mick Tingelhoff: A six time Pro Bowl selection, Tingelhoff started every Viking game at center from 1962 through 1977, 240 consecutive games in all. He anchored the Vikings offensive line during all of their championship seasons and was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame in 2015.

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