Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A job interview at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken

I once went on an interview for a job at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. For the first 30 minutes I sat in a chair in front of the practically empty desk of the Human Resources Director, an overweight middle aged man named James Nast.

I still wonder how weirdos like this James Nast guy get the top jobs, like director of human resources. Must have been close friends some other wacko higher in the food chain.

So I sit there and he rambles on about Stevens for a while, then gazes out the window in silence for a while.  Then he asks me if I have any questions. Um, what about asking me questions first?  Silly me, I thought they wanted to interview candidates for a job.

Then the Dean of Students walks in and sits down. He crosses his legs, and his pants slide up one of his legs, revealing a long ugly scar on his calf.  Maybe he’s trying to throw me off somehow, I think. Or maybe he’s just another weirdo.

Now the Dean rambles on about nonsense for a half hour. I’m thinking he may have dementia; he seems like his in his 60’s.  I’m just sitting there, wondering if there will ever be any questions on this interview.

When the old man stops talking and mumbling, Nast leans across his desk and asks me, “So how tall are you?”  I laugh and say, what is there is a height requirement for this job.  A few minutes later they say thanks for coming in. I don’t thank them, just say bye, and leave.

In retrospect I could have filed some sort of complaint with someone higher up, but didn’t want to waste the time or energy on a crappy college like Stevens Institute. Besides, it would not have accomplished anything. I’m sure the higher ups didn’t really care about me and my concerns.

Obviously it’s better that I didn’t get that job at Stevens.  People are small-minded..…never work with jerks!

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