Friday, May 9, 2014

The worst college drafts in Minnesota Vikings history

Through the annual college draft the Minnesota Vikings selected some great players who went on to be selected to the NFL Hall of Fame (Fran Tarkenton, Carl Eller, Ron Yary, Alan Page, Chris Doleman, Randall McDaniel) as well as many other players in both the early and late rounds of the draft who made major contributions to the team's success through the years.

However, there were many drafts where the Vikings selected mediocre players who contributed little, and led to losing seasons. Many of these drafts came under head coaches Dennis Green and Brad Childress, neither of whom was skilled in evaluating talent.

There were other drafts where Minnesota got virtually nothing from their picks. These are the worst drafts in team history, and are listed below.

10) 1990 - Running back Terry Allen had a couple of good seasons. The other players didn't make the team or were around only for a year or two. The team's scouts and coaches at this time had no idea what they were doing.

9) 1996 - Running back Moe Williams contributed a little bit. The remaining picks were total busts. Head coach Dennis Green was clueless.

8) 2000 - Pretty much a waste. Does anyone know what was going on in Coach Dennis Green's mind? An executive from a rival team commented, "I think the Vikings were drunk" while conducting this draft.

7) 2001 - Another Dennis Green disaster. Running back Michael Bennett had one good year, other than that, most draftees didn't even make the team.

6) 1963 - Wide receiver Paul Flatley had a few good seasons. None of the others made any impact, if they made the team at all.

5) 1971 - Safety Jeff Wright, taken in the 15th round, turned out to be a good player. The others were never heard from again.

4) 1966 - Running back Jim Lindsey stuck as a backup for seven years. Other than that, zero contributions from this group.

3) 2004 - Pretty much zero contributions from this draft class. Not sure what the Vikings scouts were thinking. I would imagine most are now in a different profession.

2) 2005 - Literally nothing from this group. Troy Williamson at number one was one of the team's worst first round picks ever, along with defensive end Erasmus James. Both are examples of scouts falling in love with athletic ability and ignoring whether or not the guy can play football.

1) 1989 - What a disaster. Not one player was with the team for longer than a year. Then Vikings executive Mike Lynn was a total moron when it came to football.

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