Monday, October 6, 2014

Jets are desperate, to be playing Michael Vick at quarterback

The New York Jets put Michael Vick in as quarterback for the first time this season on Sunday. The results were predictably pathetic.

Vick has always been over-rated as a quarterback. He was a pretty good runner but never did much to stand out as an all-around quarterback. When he played in Atlanta supposedly the Falcons had to cut the playbook in half since he couldn't learn some of the plays. 

The Jets need to hope that Vick doesn't remain the turnover machine that he was in 2012, when he fumbled the football 8 times in 5 games, to go along with 6 interceptions in those 5 games. Or that he remains injury-prone like in 2013. In six games started he fumbled the ball four times and threw three interceptions.

The Jets also need to hope Vicky doesn't stir up any new controversy with his dog, like several years ago when he posted a photo on Twitter titled "we workin" with a picture of his daughter doing homework - but sharp eyes noticed a Milk Bone box in the background, which led to Vick later admitting that he now owns a dog. He stated that he wanted his "children to develop a healthy relationship with animals."

Hmm. Well, it might be more believable if it sounded like it was something he would actually say. Sometimes having your publicist write your statements isn't the best way to build credibility.

When his kids get older they'll probably ask Dad what he was thinking back in the day when he electrocuted, hanged, and abused dogs. Animal rights groups ought to try to get that family meeting on tape, and sell it as a fundraiser.

We don't know the breed of Michael's dog; although we can be hopeful that it is being treated well, since the last thing Vick needs is for the dog to get worms. That wouldn't help his image.

Maybe he ought to ask his dog to teach him how to hang on to the football. But I don't think you can carry a football in your mouth in the NFL.

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