Friday, October 24, 2014

The best Offensive Guards in Minnesota Vikings history

Guards on NFL offensive lines are often overlooked but play key roles in a team's offense. They have to block quick defensive players trying to get to the quarterback on passing plays as well as move big defensive tackles out of the way on running plays. The Vikings have had some steady players at the position in franchise history.

8) Jim Hough: Played in 111 games and started 75 from 1978-86. Bud Grant said Hough should have been selected to the Pro Bowl after the 1983 season.

7) Wes Hamilton: From 1976-84 Hamilton played in 116 games, starting 92. He blocked for QB's Fran Tarkenton and Tommy Kramer and led the way for RB's Chuck Foreman and Ted Brown.

6) Charles Goodrum: Playing in 95 games and starting 72 from 1973-79, Goodrum opened holes for Foreman and protected Tarkenton during the team's dominant seasons.

5) Steve Hutchinson: Named to four Pro Bowls during his six years with the team from 2006-11, Hutchinson started all 89 games that he played in during his tenure with the Vikings.

4) David Dixon: Dixon played in 152 games during eleven seasons for the Vikings. He started 134 of those games at right guard, clearing the way for runners such as Robert Smith, Leroy Hoard, and Michael Bennett.

3) Milt Sunde: A former 20th round pick, Sunde played in 147 games at left guard and right guard, starting 106, including the team's dominant season in 1969.

2) Ed White: Selected to three Pro Bowls in his eight years with the team, White played in 122 games and started 94 at guard during the team's dominant run in the early and mid 1970's.
1) Randall McDaniel: Selected to the Pro Bowl a record 12 times in his 12 years with the Vikings, he played in 190 games, starting 188 at left guard. McDaniel was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009.

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