Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The best quarterbacks in Minnesota Vikings history

Unfortunately, the Minnesota Vikings have not had many good players at the quarterback position in their history. This due mainly to questionable draft selections and attempts at short-term patchwork at the position (see lousy head coaches Brad Childress and Dennis Green). Below are the top five players at the Vikings quarterback position.

5) Brad Johnson: Spent seven seasons with the team, playing in 68 games, and completed 62% of his passes.

4) Wade Wilson: Played 10 years and 76 games with the Vikings, 1981-1991, and was named to the Pro Bowl in 1988.

3) Joe Kapp: Kapp played for the team for only three years, 1967-1969, yet was instrumental in their 1969 Super Bowl season, so he deserves a mention. He was named the Vikes' MVP that year but refused the award, saying "there is no most valuable Viking" and noting the team's motto of "40 for 60" - 40 men playing together for every 60 minutes in a game.

2) Tommy Kramer: While injured often during his 13 years with the Vikes from 1977-1989, Kramer did play 128 games at quarterback and ranks second in most passing categories, including yards and touchdowns. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 1986.

1) Fran Tarkenton: The Vikings record holder in most passing categories, Tarkenton played in 177 games, starting 170, and was selected to five Pro Bowls in his 13 seasons with the team. Named the NFL Most Valuable Player in 1975, he is also among the leaders in league history for records among quarterbacks. Tarkenton was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1986.

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