Monday, April 18, 2016

Lazy Ellsbury owes Yankee fans a refund

New York Yankee centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, earning $21,142,857 this season, should give some of that dough back to Yankee fans who spent their hard earned money to buy tickets to Saturday's game against the Mariners.

Seattle's Ketel Marte was on first base when Robinson Cano hit a routine ground ball single into center field. Ellsbury lazily trotted in to field the ball, allowing Marte to score from first base. He never slowed, meaning that the scouting report on Ellsbury pointed out that he is a lackadaisical outfielder with a weak throwing arm. This meant an opportunity for a fast runner like Marte to score a run against the Yankees - a run that they should not have had, and a run that cost the Yankees the game.

Ellsbury, who has missed a ton of games in his career due to minor injuries, could at least hustle on routine plays. For $21,142,857 a year he owes at least that much to the fans.  I shudder to think what would have happened to Ellsbury if Billy Martin had been the Yankees' manager on Saturday.

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