Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Jersey car emission tests are a waste of time - and pollute the air

New Jersey requires drivers to have their cars tested for meeting emission standards every two years. What is the point of this?  When right-wingers complain about too much government, this is what they should be talking about.

Drivers have to wait in line for the testing, meaning the idling cars are polluting the air. Everybody knows air quality is worse when there's lots of traffic, so having cars tested so often is defeating the purpose of having clean air.

Why not have all cars, new and old, tested once every eight years?  This would be enough. The old tests on cars that were required once year were proven to be useless in preventing car crashes. The government made the right decision in doing away with them. Now it's time to change the emission requirements. The government should be focusing on other, more important environmental issues.

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