Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Minnesota Vikings' offensive line not getting it done

One area the Vikings front office could have spent more time on during the offseason was the offensive line. Having players who are just "serviceable" on the line is not going to result in a team winning in the playoffs.

While season ending injuries to center John Sullivan and tackle Phil Loadholt, were not expected, the team could have tried to sign a couple of veteran free agents as backups. Instead they have had to rely on a fourth round draft choice who only played two years in college at offensive tackle in T.J. Clemmings.  They also are relying on a player who never played guard before in Mike Harris, and journeyman Joe Berger at center.  The idea of moving Brandon Fusco to left guard has not helped, as he has had difficulty making the switch. Left tackle Matt Kalil, a former first round draft pick, has been merely average during his four year career.

Unfortunately, putting all of this together has resulted in quarterback Teddy Bridgewater being unnecessarily pressured and sacked.  It's tough for any quarterback to read defenses and pass the ball accurately, let alone one who is in only his second year in the NFL.

The Vikings may still make the playoffs at this point, but they probably won't get very far if they do, primarily because of the below average offensive line.  This offseason they ought to make it a priority, by trying to sign several of the best available free agents and spending their draft picks in the first and second rounds on offensive linemen - preferably those who have played four years at a major college.
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