Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NFL offcials contributed to Vikings' loss on Sunday

No doubt that the Minnesota Vikings did not play well enough to win their game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. And of course the Seahawks are hardly pushovers; they're a pretty good team, better than their record indicates.

Still, the game officials made a number of questionable calls that hurt the Vikings chances for a win.  When a referee calls a defensive holding penalty on a cornerback who was run into by a receiver; when an offensive lineman is penalized for holding when he barely touches a defensive player; and when your defensive end is called for roughing the passer when it clearly was not roughing, like what happened to the Vikings' Brian Robison, well, that's a problem. Are they going to let these guys play football, or not?

The league needs to tell their officials to ease up on calling thse minor penalties. It's making the game boring and maling the NFL look silly.

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