Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vikings' Bridgewater sometimes looks like Ponder

Minnesota Vikings second year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has shown the poise of a veteran at times. Other times, he has looked intimidated and indecisive.

Unfortunately, this is the same pattern exhibited by 2011 number draft pick quarterback Christian Ponder, during his four seasons wearing the purple.

Granted, Bridgewater has been running for his life on many passing downs, as the offensive line in front of him is mediocre at best. Still, he hasn't always reacted quickly, and his arm isn't the cannon that you see in other star NFL quarterbacks.

If the front office brings in some quality offensive linemen through free agency and the draft in the offseason, blockers that give Bridgewater time to read the defense and find open receivers, then we may have a better perspective on what he will become as a quarterback. He does have some decent weapons in Adrian Peterson, Mike Wallace, Kyle Rudolph, and Stefon Diggs, so if the blocking improves, we'll know if Bridgewater is the man who will lead Minnesota to the Super Bowl.

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